Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CO's first Blog Competition

Believe it or not, those advertisements that I've included on my website are about to mature into 100 USD. I'm guessing that with my rate of postings (minus last weeks - I was in Finland at a conference and didn't plan ahead) that in November or December I'll get a cheque from Google.

I don't write about Ultimate for money. Instead, I write in an attempt to deal with grammar and homophones witch are difficult, two detect, when their are know editors or enough ours in the day too catch them all (just something I had to get off my chest). But since there is some money, we might as well have a competition of some sort with a prize. There's two problems:

  • What should the contest be?
  • What should the prize be?
Therefore, I've decided to combine the two into one. The challenge is for those of you who have some sort of artistic touch. I'll be the judge with help from Lexi. The challenge make a logo (or shirt design) for either:
  • "The Cultimate Opinion" - the name of my blog
  • "The Friars" - the name of my pickup team
That's the challenge, and depending on how far 100 USD goes at VC, fiveultimate, GAIA, or LookFly I'll make a jersey for the winner. The closing date for the competition will be February 5th, 12PM GMT.

At present, my submissions are the leading in the competition. The main tip on inspiration to sway the judge is my blog shows many things that I find appealing.



John Hope said...

Are there any guidelines on shape/size/complexity?

Is your pickup team going to pay for 3 colour shirts? What are you going to use the site logo for?

Jeters said...

Great questions:
- 3 color logos...why not if it looks great
- Size... preferably fits on a jersey though a puzzle collection would be interesting
- Shape... Euclidian space prefereably ;)
- Site logo might go on a shirt, replace the banner, but it's a branding element that I'll try to use


Cody said...

How do we get the images to you?

Jeters said...

send to jamieson dot peter at gmail dot com.


Darius said...

Illinois state is doing work at an alarming rate!. 50 votes in 10 minutes is crazy!