Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Say it ain't so...Logo Battle

Well, the season is all over in North America. There's the college pre-season and Halloween and late tournaments, but the season is done. My season ended in early August, and I'm already back on track to playing next season. My injuries have healed, and I'm working into shape with a combination of ideas from two so called characters called Ross and Pavel (among other sources) as well as my own theories on how to prepare for our sport. Things are progressing well and I'm feeling strong again.

With the lull in Ultimate activity, I've decided to have another run at the Logo Battle I ran two years ago. Even though jerseys are becoming some of the major art work in our sport, there doesn't seem to be enough submission interest to vote on our favourite jerseys. Instead, we'll have to look at Team Logos every week and vote for our favourites. I'll make my collection of Logos from the web like last time, but please feel free to send your teams logo with details of what division you're in. I plan to run the following divisions:

  • UPA Club teams - top 16 finisher (I've emailed captains I can find)
  • UPA College - open to all (I've emailed captains in the top 10)
  • Open
The reason for this organization is based on how logos that are recognized or branded tend to do better than new or strange logos. Each week, a number of logos in each category will be put up for display, and the winner will move on to further rounds. In other words, a little bit of frivolous fun to occupy your off-season (or to think about as you prepare for the next).

Send your logos to: jamieson dot peter at gmail dot com

The contest will close for new submissions after the last grouping has been voted on.