Friday, July 20, 2007

221st Post - One Year Anniversary

Hey Folks,

This is non-ultimate related, but I've made it. I've completed one year of blogging on the Cultimate Opinion.

Pictured Above: I'm relaxing at Cleveland No Surf (Photo by Marc Hodges).

I'd like to thank all the suggestions for posts, the photos people have let me use, the teams that I post about, and most importantly, the general Ultimate community who reads the Cultimate Opinion. I enjoy meeting people from all over the continent who come up and say they enjoy reading my blog.

Pictured Above: I'm in my Gender Blender look here with Thai Boxing shorts (underarmour) and a nice golfing hat (photo courtesy of Kevin Brown)

What's in store in the future? Well, I won't lie. My goal was to make it this far and then reevaluate if I would continue. So, I'm not sure. In the interim, I will continue to post, but I can't tell you for how long. I have 30 or 40 posts in draft form, so that will keep me going for a few months. I'm off to run Ultimate Camp up at Olympia a week from now, and I'll use that time to think about the blog.

Pictured Above: This is as Flowerbowl 07 finals. I still don't think I fouled Lugsden on the throw - maybe after (photo courtesy of Jamie Bishop)

Just some stats of interest with the blog:
  • 75,852 page views
  • Another 8400 rss feed views
  • 13,406 unique visitors
  • Top 3 visiting countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
  • Top 3 visiting states: California, Massachusetts, New York
  • Top 10 visiting cities: Toronto, New York, Vancouver, Boston, Chicago, Ottawa, Seattle, Montreal, Portland, Pittsburgh (runners up: Minneapolis, Cambridge, and San Francisco)
  • Revenue: $9.67 (not received since you have to get over $100)
  • Average time on site 2:03 minutes
  • 2,111 of you have visited more than 201 times...I've only wrote 220 posts?
  • 3,594 of you have visited 51-100 times
Pictured Above: Inian Moorthy telling me what many of you probably think about the Cultimate Opinion (photo courtesy of Blue)



shawn said...

Congrats Pete. The reason I visit more times than you have articles is because your blog bookmark is right above my Gmail bookmark, so sometimes I press it by accident.

Taylor said...

Nicely done Peter. All I have to say is: what else am I supposed to do at work? Keep 'em coming (please).

lexinator said...

I'm always a fan of seeing what pictures will make the Cultimate cut :)