Thursday, July 19, 2007

Poll Thursday - Canadian Nationals picks - The Semis

Last week we had a chance to pick who we would expect to see in the quarters. Based on our picks:

  • Open
    • Furious, Goat, Mephisto, Invictus, Phoenix, Grand Trunk, Nads, Black Fish
  • Women
    • Capitals, Team Alberta, Storm, Diggers, Scarlett, Crush, Salty, Traffic (number one BC team)
  • Mixed
    • TFP, Bytown Flatball Club, Bronco (Alberta 1), Monster, Snipe, Vancouver Mixed, Gecko, MHUC
This week we'll bring in the five categories and pick our semi-finalists.

Note the poles below are experiencing some difficulties for some users...

In open, pick 4 semifinalists.

In women, pick 4 semifinalists:

In Mixed, pick 4 semifinalists:

In masters, pick 4 semifinalist:

In juniors, pick 4 semifinalists: