Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tournament 7 - Lesson 1 - Danger in Picking Up Other Leaders

This weekend we had the opportunity to play with a famous player around these parts, Shaggy (Mark Zimmerl). Shaggy has led Mephisto for many years and has played at all levels.

Pictured Above: Glen Oomen of BEAT (in yellow) challenges Greg Carnes of London at Gender Blender 2007 (photo courtesy of Kevin Brown).

The concern is that leaders of other teams will come into your team and shake things up at the top. Of course, the reality is a fellow captain knows what it is like running a team and is probably the easiest type of player to bring into your team fold. They not only understand team dynamics from the top, but an opportunity to play with another team gives the visiting captain insight into other ways of running a team.

If you are a captain and you have a free weekend then think about maybe doing a captain exchange. Play a tournament with a team in another city or geographic area and reciprocate that same opportunity to the other captain.

The only real concern people might have with this is that you are giving away your team's game strategies. The exchange might not be the best option if both teams are likely competing for a specific coveted prize such as a national finals or college finals (or semis). In other cases, if your team will compete during the season then maybe hold back some of your strategies. However, the reality is Ultimate is still in such an early phase of development that most of the game strategies can be counted on your hands and toes and most captains are familiar with the basic strategies. Your team's nuances on performing those strategies will likely not be given away in a tournaments time.

The benefit in this case, I think, outweighs the potential risk.