Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Adapting - this time for the finals

Yesterday, I talked about getting into tournament shape by going regularly to tournaments. Today, I'll continue along those lines with a concept that I've talked to with a number of people. I can't think of who I talked to about this first so I'll credit all of you with the idea. The concept is whether your team is at top or the bottom you should play every game at a tournament.

The theory of playing all 6, 7, 8, or 9 games at tournament is that even if you're at the bottom, someday you'll be in the finals and your team will need to be ready to play your best in that game. The only way to start preparing for that final game is to always be playing the allocated number of games that simulates how your body will feel in a finals.

Pictured Above: Sideline view of Steve Tam and Kirk Nylen watching the finals at Jazzfest (photo courtesy of Jaleel)

Many tournaments now are forcing you to play every game or you can lose your spot the next year (note: Grand Trunk's forfeit game at Boston Invite is marked wrong. We were waiting to play the final game, but nobody showed up at the satellite field). Every team that travels to a tournament rightly deserves to play all the games they paid and traveled for (even though I think that number is crazy).

If you're a captain, make sure your team is pressing to play every possible game at a tournament both to respect your opponents and to prepare yourself for the final show.



gcooke said...


That result has been corrected in the SRT.


Jeters said...

Hey George,

You didn't have to do that. We assumed that the other team couldn't find us and accepted the forfeit.