Monday, July 02, 2007

Tournament 7 - Pressureless Pressure ... Glorious Glory

This weekend I played with Torontula and Friends (2 Mephisto + 3 GT + 1 Rip) at Montreal Jazzfest. This was one of those weekends where a team has existing pockets of chemistry, potential for glory, and pressure to do well.

The weekend was good. We, in general, would go down early in a game and then try to claw our way back to win. All sorts of interesting challenges happened throughout the tournament, but we persevered to win the tournament in an exciting 17-15 come from behind finals.

Unfortunately, a blog writer match up between our team (myself) and Colt .45 (Match Diesel's blog which is doing well) never happened when they lost in the quarters. I was hyping them up as the team to meet in the finals, while all along we were destined to meet the team that beat us in in our first game in tier 2 pool play (the seedings were all over the place with the 9-16 seeds representing as 3 of the semi finalists).

I'll get into the lessons learned from the tournament later in the week, but until then have a safe Canada Day.



jlo said...

The other semi finialist being a 7 or 8 seed at that.