Wednesday, April 16, 2008

5 hour energy drink?

I haven't seen this drink in the UK, but I've seen it lots in North America - the 5 hour energy drink, one of many such drinks called energy shots. For a sport that enjoys its energy drinks including the likes of Gatorade, Red Bull, and Colas we might as well give this latest product a quick look. Here's a review of one of the shots targeted to athletes.

It sounds like these drinks are an intense caffeine and caffeine like substances with some other chemicals. I don't really know the difference between these shots and the energy drinks minus the sugar and fluid. Safety wise, it sounds like these drinks are pretty intense, but I have no real feel for these sorts of issues - it's the classic consult a physician before proceeding. Benefits...unknown.



Alex Peters said...

I tried one of these during First Night of Flight, which is an overnight indoor tournament. All it did was make me feel like shit for an hour (head throbbing, hands shaking), then it didn't really seem to do anything in particular. I would not recommend it.