Monday, April 07, 2008

European tournaments

I'm new to the Ultimate scene on this side of the Atlantic. I've been talking to lots of people to find out what are "the" tournaments to go to. So far, I've been to Paganello and two UK tour events. I've found the following tournaments mainly through Frisbee Finder, but it would be nice if there was a comprehensive listing like the UPA's tournament listing.

Tournaments that seem to have some traction:

I'll try and see as many of these as I can.



Handy said...

Cork Open is awesome. Just the tournament party is wild. Make sure you have a good costume though, they don't mess around.

btw, "fancy dress" = costume party.

giacomo said...

Don't forget Talampaya, the largest coed tournament that take place in Geneva, Switzerland, during Pentecost weekend: .

giacomo said...

sorry I meant "Europe largest coed tournament"