Thursday, April 03, 2008

Poll Thursday - More video ultimate

Last week I asked about winning the party by staying up the longest. At Paganello, I just didn't stay up (as the photos are showing and not my memory), but the general consensus is you have to do more to win the party. Maybe we should write up some rules in the future.

As for this week, imagine we set up a system where we built a server for ultimate games on video. Not necessarily high quality ultimate, but footage nonetheless. This server would sell individual clips of games at probably 1$ per game (similar to itunes). The question is, how much would you imagine paying per week on a service like this assuming that there was at least 10 games posted per week (poll right)?



Taylor said...

I don't want to be a hater, but there's no $0 option in the poll...

Rhett said...

And what exactly is a "clip"? Are you talking one highlight? A few highlights? Or a game?

Jeters said...

I realized the 0$ cost should have been added as soon as I posted the poll.

As for clip I mean a full game.