Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poll Thursday - CUPA?

[UFC spoiler warning!] Last weeks poll was on UFC. It was fun and you guys were right on the mark. For the first UFC event in Canada it sounded exciting (almost as exciting as the Habs moving on to the second round). As for the fight card, it was good in all but one fight, where a B.C. fighter would not engage his opponent and ran away for 15 minutes.

As for this weeks poll, we'll make a vote on a topic from my Monday post (and discussions here and here). Do you think Canadian University and College teams should compete "mainly" in the UPA college series (poll right)? Should the Canadian College fall series be opened up to North America as in something like a Canadian Open (poll right)?



Taylor said...

I agree that we should be playing more and more against the US teams. I also think that it's important to have a Canadian championship and the fall seems the only time to do it. Unfortunately, the good weather window is so small that I doubt we could fit both a Canadian Open and Championship into the schedule. Alternately, I'd suggest heading down south 10-15 hrs in late october/november for a big fall championship. There was some talk of this happening last year.