Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poll Thursday - Sera or St. Pierre

Last week I polled on Michigan Sectionals (which got delayed). Toronto won't be going because a bunch of the team thinks that tryouts are more important than a chance to play Michigan (unfortunately, having left Toronto I have little influence here). Anyway, based on the picks (eliminating Toronto), it looks like the favourites are: Michigan, Michigan State, and Western Michigan. I wouldn't count out Kalamazoo if I were a betting man.

This week I'm stepping into another Ultimate question - Ultimate fighting. Canada will host its first ever UFC event in Montreal this weekend. GSP will be fighting Matt Sera. Since we had a little discussion on the benefits of martial arts, I thought I might as well promote another sport I like by having a poll on who you think is going to win (poll left).

I know this is off track, but I highly promote watching other sports and trying to look at aspects of that sport that might be transfered to Ultimate. If you watch these fights, pay attention to the focus that these guys have and the footwork.



The Cruise said...

if my opponent in ultimate ever used footwork like those MMA guys, i'd immediately call travel.