Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More Innovation

Over the past few years, I've seen all sorts of innovation in Ultimate. I'm interested to see how the latest innovation in Ontario turns out: Eastern Canadian Ultimate Conference. The concept of a team getaway without the high stress of constant ultimate (like at a tournament) seems like a very appealing concept to me, and should pay dividends over the season. It's like having 6 practices focused over one weekend.

Pictured Above: A photo from the Sunday night Paganello party as DJ Keene hit the decks (photo courtesy of Tom Styles).

Having gone to this weekend in its earlier form as a tournament I found it to be a brilliant weekend. I can only imagine how good this weekend will be with an early training and bonding session with your season's team.

In addition to basic training, it looks like there will be some additional information provided in the form of a conference. The listed talks are on:
  1. Leadership
  2. Medical
  3. Training
  4. Fun
I can't say fun seems like an interesting topic, but maybe some teams need some lessons in this area. I think one of the main topics missing on the list is "sports psychology", but finding a strong speaker in that area would be difficult.



Blue said...

Good day Peter,

Since I'm running the event, let me weigh in here...

Our leynote speaker is actually a sport psycologist who works with Olympians and national calibre atheletes.

Brian O'Reilly's website bio can be found at http://www.humanpotentialplus.com/about/coachbri.htm

And some testimonials can be found at:

Finally, for an additional fee participants in the weekend are able to book a more intimate session with him.

:) So we actually do have that and it is not missing from the weekend :P Ha ha... stop spreading bad rumours ;)

Thanks for the props... we're looking forward to the event.