Friday, April 25, 2008

Link Friday - Top notch workouts, some discussion, and strategy

Well, I'm trying out a new weekly themed post - Link Friday. As much as some people hate Poll Thursday, some people like it including me...and who am I writing for, really. I've been making efforts to add as many of the Ultimate related blogs to my blogroll to the right (the criteria being that a very high percentage of the posts are Ultimate related), so if I'm missing your blog from the list then email me your link or post a comment. As for Link Friday, I know we all don't have the time to check out everything, so I thought I'd amalgamate some of my favourite reads of the week. These will all be Ultimate related except for maybe one.

This weeks links:

  • Frostillicus has been treating us to some excellent posts on working out. This weeks has some good further reading for those interested.
  • An RSD post on Ottawa U's women heading down to the UPA series, and the concern when Canadian teams are strong. I used this as one of my points in a comment why we should be opening up the Canadian series (even if noone cares).
  • covered Wonderful Copenhagen. Italy, Germany, Sweden, and U.K. national teams were all involved.
  • I've been thinking about sports strategy some more. This led me to the theories of John Boyd. Not directly related to Ultimate, but I'm sure I'll find some interesting concepts.


simontalbot said...

I was going to leave a comment plugging my own blog (Ballarat Ultimate) but I see you already have it there. Thanks.

Once upon a time it was about the ultimate scene in Ballarat, Australia , hence the well-thought out name. This year the scope has been broadened - I now post about generally anything in the Australian scene, but mostly focus on university (aka college) ultimate.

Sticks said...

Well, since it's link friday...

This has been circulated through the Cleveland ultimate community and I thought you might be interested.


Farmer John said...

Wow, i'm surprised to see an ultimate blog mention John Boyd, but that's great. One of my other passions is aviation and flight sims so I've read some about Boyd. I bet there is quite a bit about aviation and military strategy that could be applied to ultimate. Certainly when there is a momentum change within a point (poach D or breaking a cup), that is an example of getting inside the other team's decision loop.