Friday, August 29, 2008

Link Friday - Best University, Mental Phelps, and NLP to get that position

Some favourite links this week are:

  • Trainor has an interesting poll on the best school to go to, for Ultimate (applies to Canadian schools only). It would be interesting to see something like this for the US Colleges. I'm looking for faculty positions, my plan is to create a dynasty in College Ultimate. Now, all I need is a position at a good school.
  • Thinkulti has a post on the mental aspects of Ultimate. The infamous Michael Phelps and his coach Bob Bowman appear in this article among other articles I've read over the last week. The mental tactics are to throw adversity over and over at the developing athlete so that when adversity happens in competition it's old hat.
  • My girlfriend, Lexi, is looking for a job in London, and I'm starting to look for Faculty positions (as I said before with Ultimate coaching in mind). Since we're in the job hunting mode, and I came across NLP for doing well in an interview. Interesting stuff