Monday, August 04, 2008

Worlds Day 2 - Columbia Ladies

Day 2 at Worlds was a day where everyone got to play. Our game was at 10:30 AM on the showcase field. The boys started off with some jitters, but showed some grit and pulled off the win against European champions, Germany. We'll be planning to improve throughout the tournament.

Pictured Above: My artistic morning warmup photos of Cam Burden.

I spent the majority of the day moving from game to game. The four games I paid the most attention to were:
  • Jr. Women - Columbia vs. USA: this game felt like USA was in control, but changed in favor of the Columbians. The girls were throwing their bodies all over the place. Down by 2, USA closed in the game, and looked like they were taking control, but Columbian ladies took the game.
  • Women - Canada vs. Sweden: touted as one of the best looking game for the male persuasion of the tournament, Sweden and Canada went at it. Canada steam rolled through this game, and didn't look back.
  • Open - Canada vs. Switzerland: this was a big action game that saw Canada men playing towards their potential. At first it looked like Switzerland could trade and make a run at the game, but into the 4th and 5th points, Canada took control with big hucks, big D, and some good play.
  • Jr. Women - Canada vs. Columbia: the Canadian ladies looked great from the start pulling off three upwind breaks in a reasonably strong wind. The Columbian ladies kept tight. Canada looked like they would break open the game, but missed a key endzone situation. The game was a battle back and forth until Columbia broke open a two point lead that Canada couldn't recover from.
Pictured Above: A layout attempt by Mexico Open against New Zealand.

In all, I saw lots of Ultimate and took many pictures. I met a few new people from USA Open, Columbian Masters, and Australia. The people, as expected, were great.

Pictured Above: Sweden vs. Canada womens.

It's funny how you want to hate the "so called" enemy, so you can treat them as opponents that must be destroyed. The reality, however, is when you talk to any Ultimate player you realize they're just cool people, and you have to treat the game with spirited competition.

Pictured Above: The USA flag in the foreground with USA mixed prepping for the pull to Australia in the mid day showcase game.

At present, my favourite jerseys to trade for are:
  • Switzerland (red or black)
  • Sweden (yellow)
  • New Zealand (black)
Honorable mentions go to Ireland Women's white and Mexico Women's white, but I just don't like white jerseys.

Pictured Above: Columbia Jr. Women plus fans celebrating the win against the Jr. Women USA team.

So far, I'm having a great time. Check out some of the other blogs as posted below, and checkout some of the podcasts from blockstack.



Rahil said...

Hey Pete! Thanks for the updates! Could you comment on the type of Offense your opponents are running? (i.e. Vert Stacks? Split Stacks? Something new?)

Keep the updates coming! Good Luck!!


Owen said...

The country is Colombia, not Columbia. Its on the back of their shirts in the photo.