Saturday, August 09, 2008

Worlds Day 7 - Laying the chips on the table

We lost our final to the USA. They played a spectacular game, making big grabs, and playing solid Ultimate. It wasn't just this game, but throughout the tournament they were a stellar group, from players to coaches. Our guys showed some of our best stuff from the week, but couldn't put together a complete set of passes to score consistently. It's a tough loss, but to a classy opponent.

In other action, I caught some of the GB Jr. Open vs. Germany and GB Mixed vs. France. The Juniors were having major troubles with the German zone, and the one two German punch was almost unstoppable on O. They threw 2 laser scoobers for points while I was there. The mixed were looking good against France, but were making a fair number of unforced errors. When I left, they were up by two.

I went to watch the guts finals next. I watched a complete game for my first time, and really enjoyed the game. The crowd got into it, and Japan number 2 made some spectacular catches. One of the catches he made was clocked at 123 km/h, and he caught the throw 1 foot above the ground. Amazing stuff. I got, what I thought, were some good pictures, and I'll share them in the coming weeks.

After our finals was over, the Masters came in for their final. It was another USA vs. Canada battle. The USA broke twice early, and kept just enough of a lead to win the game. The Canadian team made some stellar comebacks, but came just short in the end.

One other mention goes to the Japan Jr. Women. They dominated their finals against the Australians, and showed that conservative, drilled play can win convincingly.

Tomorrow the three finals will take place in the stadium. The weather, which has been sunny all week, is supposed to go to rain, but hopefully, this won't tarnish a great week of World competition.

Still no pictures. My time seems to disappear.



Ian said...

Peter, I have some pictures from yesterday, including your final:

Flickr: WUGC 2008 - Day 7