Thursday, August 21, 2008

Poll Thursday - Ronin who?

Last week we had a short poll on the winners for Canadian Nationals. Nomads won both the picks and the gold, so good on you. My favourite, Mephisto (after GT who had their 2nd best nationals ever), didn't take the top honours, but came in a close second.

This week, the poll is based on last weekends Chesapeake Open. This tournament looks to be the big pre-series tournament along with Labor Day. Looking at the results, the most interesting results are from Ronin taking out Johny Bravo in the quarters, while not being exceptional in the lower bracket. Rumor has it that Ronin are Florida players (maybe along the lines of Vicious Cycle?). The poll this week is how far do you see them going in the UPA series.



The Pulse said...

Ronin is the #1 Florida team, although they don't have Kurt Gibson. But Brodie wasn't at Chesapeake, so they can do better, although they probably won't beat Bravo ever again.

They do have a chance at sneaking by Doublewide at Regionals, though.

degs said...

At Chesapeake, lower tier teams bubbling up had a significant advantage over power pool teams: they played four games to 13 against teams that won't get past Regionals. Power pool teams played four games to 15 against teams who are almost guaranteed to make Nationals. Witness Boston and Bravo going to DGP and Madcow beating Ring by 2.

That said, a W is a W and an L is an L. Every team had opportunities to win.