Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Worlds Day 3 - Oh or Doh Canada?

It's a little late, so this will be brief. The Jr. Boys had a good day with convincing wins over Great Britain and Japan. Both teams were highly skilled, but our boys had worked out the kinks and came out fast in both games. We had the opportunity to roll lines, and everyone had a good day on the field. Tomorrow is Australia and USA, which will be major tests for the team.

In other action, the morning started out with Team Canada mixed vs. Japan in a barn burner. I had to leave early to watch the guys warmup, but from the yells and cheers coming from across the fields, it was obvious that something was happening. It turns out Team Canada made a major comeback against, and pulled off the win.

I, also, had a chance to catch some of the Japan Masters vs. New Zealand. New Zealand was up for all the points I saw, and they took the game. I've never seen so many guys stare at the sky after a loss. It was like the Japanese guys were looking to some unseen Ultimate god and paying the price for loss.

The showcase game was Team Canada Masters vs. USA. This was a great game that started with some trading of points. Canada made a run and took the half 9-5 or 9-6 (I can't remember). It looked like Canada was in a position to pull off the win, but team USA came back, breaking Canada's O-line on multiple occasions.

The game was tied up at 13s or 14s, and the crowd really got into this one. I could hear the drunken ranting of Match in the background, and the large Canadian crowd was pushing for team Canada. It ended with USA with the win 16-14. Great game from both sides.