Friday, August 08, 2008

Worlds Day 6 - Your a trader, not a traitor

Team Canada Jr. Open are in the finals against the USA tomorrow. We're pretty pumped about our performance over the last few days, and we'll bring the kitchen sink to tomorrow's game. I've heard rumors that we'll be live on Ulti Village, so check it out if you have time.

For the rest of the day, I watched a little Canadian action. In the morning, I saw the Jr. Women and Mixed. Both teams lost to the USA making for some interesting matchups in the future.

The rest of the matchups sound pretty exciting, and every division gets more and more interesting as the tournament progresses. It's hard to keep up since I'm so focused on our own division, and with a late start I'll be resting and relaxing with the guys.

Tonight was trade night. I've never been to an event like this, but a number of tents were formed up in a miniature village. Each country had their own tent, and people meandered around to trade. I was happy with my results since I got my main desire, a Switzerland jersey and a USA blue. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the Netherlands orange or the Swedish yellow.

Apparently, Swedish jerseys can not be traded. Something to do with the Swedish federation. Sounds like a bunch of crap to me, and it's the type of thing that made them look out of place in the Ultimate community. Trading is done in all sorts of sports, and why a team would be forced into not trading is ridiculous. It might be a culture thing, but I though Ultimate crossed culture.

On the same note, it seems the Japanese jerseys have created their own artificial market. I'm not sure why, but it also seems like these jerseys aren't up for trade. They're not even that great looking, but maybe the teams are only allowed to buy one jersey. I felt bad for the young Japanese kids who came around to trade for stuff, but had nothing of significant value.

That was the bad side of trade night. On the other hand, there was Latin alley, where South American teams were trading all sorts of items. I got a Colombian (spelled correctly) yellow, some Colombian pants, a Venezuelan hat, and a Venezuelan jersey. I liked the Dominican jersey and the Mexican black, but didn't have enough international trade options.

It seemed like tournament jerseys were the main currency. Club jerseys were essentially worthless in obtaining international jerseys. I was hoping to get a medium Ireland jersey for a friend's jersey, but it wasn't to be. Still, this was the best night event at worlds by far.

No pictures tonight. I didn't have time to get them ready. I'll pass on some pictures tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Get anything for the Twister?
A makeweight on a Columbian beenie hat trade, twice worn in competition, sweat marked.

I am loving the posts.
Good luck in the Final!