Friday, August 01, 2008

Link Friday - Worlds, Worlds, and Worlds

The links this week:

  • Match is joining us in Vancouver. Check out his work to get the superfans perspective.
  • The site for worlds.
  • You might catch some world comments from the DoG guys (Parinella or Alex).
  • Australian Open perspective for Worlds.
If you have any other resources, please post in the comments...



Simon Talbot said...

I'll be covering the progress of the Australian teams in all divisions. Well, as best as I can from the other side of the world!

My page also links to the official blogs of the Dingos (Open), Firetails (Women) and Barramundis (Mixed). will have stories from the Masters and Juniors divisions.

Owen said...

As Simon says, there will be more on the Dingos at which will have many of the guys posting.

I'll have a little on my thinkulti blog, but I am just one man.