Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poll Thursday - Cool threads

The voters think that USA will be the strength in the Jr. Women and Open division with Canada in behind. The interesting thing with this division is it's the most unknown since there's not much to base the next generation of Ultimate players on, and the time window for playing in the division is small.

Today we distributed most of our Team Canada gear. Everyone was pretty excited to finally get their uniforms, and the poll this week is, which countries uniform will be the most sought after stuff this year. I've only included a subset of teams attending, so feel free to make your comments on who you think will be looking good.



Kyle Weisbrod said...

Having been around this division for the past 14 years I would say that it is not the most "unknown" division (although you may mean most unknown by a "regular Ultimate observer.")

I think of all the divisions this is the most predictable one simply looking at the structure of youth programs in a country and the number of youth playing.