Thursday, July 03, 2008

Link Friday - Updates, Buzz Bullets, Leet, and more total flatball

Some interesting reads this weekend. I'm in Stockholm with my girlfriend, and this post is supposed to be auto published. It may not have a full set of links I found interesting.

  • Match Diesel's blog must have switched his RSS feed since I haven't heard much from him. For any of you with the same problem, you might want to catch up, and get his opinion of the Boston Invite.
  • The Buzz Bullets seem to be the most elusive team in Ultimate in terms of who they are and what they do. MSSUI article gives more info then I've ever put together on my explorations through the Internet. I'm glad to see that the rumour I've passed around about them working for the Garage door installers is mainly true.
  • My friend Norm Farb passed me on a link to the latest sport Leet. This sport has an approach to marketing that heavily contrasts ours, but if you dig a little, the game is very similar (though the depth of rules is lacking). Apparently, the game is quiet popular in Finland, but as I read I wondered if this was just all made up stuff with some good music and video footage.
  • More total flatball. If the concept ever takes off then it will be Rinus Michel (1928-2005) we'll owe thanks to. Another person you wish you could have talked to for a few moments.


Match said...

this whole RSS feed thing is a mystery to me. I just hadn't posted in a while.

Look for some GOAT content on either mssui or my blog, not sure where yet. John Hassell has been very helpful. yeah and the new threads are legit.