Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RSD is a black hole for our money

Training camp for Team Canada Juniors is in full swing. We've got a great group of guys, and everyone is getting excited about the tournament.

Pictured Above: Tim from Team Canada Juniros gets a good grab on Dan and another Blackfish player in one of our scrimmages.

My post today is something that I think our community should seriously consider. When you come to the Cultimate Opinion, you'll notice the Google Adsense advertisements. These little adds sprinkled on the page are attempted to target the blog based on content. Every time someone comes to my blog I get a small amount of money (a small percentage of a cent), and if an add is clicked and someone looks at the advertisement site or buys something, then I get additional cash. This is one of the ways web pages and Google makes money - traffic monetization.

Over the time I've had adsense on my blog I've made less than an hours wage, and you don't actually receive any money unless you have accumulated over $100. So, for something smaller like my blog it's not a big deal.

On the other hand, RSD (rec sport disc), gets viewed many times a day. I would guess at least 5000 or more views per day, which is about 5 to 6 more times than my own blog. The problem, however, is the monetization of that traffic is not accumulated by anyone in the Ultimate community. When you use Google groups (as I do) to view RSD, then all the advertisment revenue goes straight to Google.

I feel we are wasting money, and one of the organizations such as WFDF, CUPA, UPA, or a not for profit Ultimate organization should be making the new RSD. Then we would be making money for ourselves. The added bonus is we might be able to control the spam problem a little better that currently exists on RSD.

I know Ultitalk exists, but I think the community isn't looking for a forum based online community. People enjoy the single thread of RSD with constant topics of all nature and small little previews.

We need to stop giving away our money...



Alex Peters said...

You mean there are people who don't use Firefox and AdBlock?

I haven't seen an ad on the internet for years. I literally can't tell you what the ads look like on RSD, I've never seen them and I wasn't even aware that there were ads. As far as I'm concerned there are no ads on your site either...

Schmelz said...

How much money would any of those organizations really make by doing something like this? A thousand dollars? 5 to 6 multiplied by the "less than an hours wage" that you cited?

Considering the costs incurred by establishing, running, and monitoring an equivalent to the Google Groups version of RSD, the net profit would probably be very minimal.

Jeters said...

Probably right on the overall benefit. I still think the increased number of looks and clicks would represent a $10000 income per year. That's my feeling.


Dani D said...
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Dani D said...

Even better would be for anyone that runs an Ultimate related site to use the same AdSense account.

In this way all the money would end up in the same pot and perhaps add up to an amount big enough to do something useful.