Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tournament 11 - Lesson 1 - After age 30, the more clothes the merrier


I've never heard that sound come from my body, but as I jumped over the two person hurdle in a spirit game, that's the sound that my calf made. Not wanting to wreck the game I ran over to my spot and watched the game continue. One 1st degree tear later, and I had the opportunity to watch a tournament from the sideline. This didn't stop me from dancing that night after a few beers, and having a great Saturday night, but it did leave me lots of time to think about what I should have done better.

Pictured Above: There's a picture of the suspect calf. It looks strong here.

Lately, many of my ultimate photos show me in hoodie and pants, and underneath I'm wearing compression clothing and tights. I've also been doing hot showers in the morning to loosen up the body before playing, and stretching early in the morning.

In comes Ultimate, camping, a young team to keep up with, and an improper pre-season training, No shower, not as much early morning preparation, and not enough attention to detail. The result is - snap.

Many people have asked me, why do you wear so much clothing? The reality is I'm just trying to keep my body warm and avoid - snaps - much like sprinters do even on hot days. It's amazing how a snap reminds you of the details you need to take when playing this sport, and if I can pass any of this on to those young bodies that currently heal fast, get into the details young and your body will go farther in this sport with minimal snaps. This old dog can't seem to learn new tricks. At least my short term memory will get me warming up properly the next few times.