Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poll Thursday - Women and Open at Worlds

From last week, we have one of the most interesting polls I think I've ever run. It's clear that we come from a diverse range of sports. The majority team sports are basketball and european football (soccer). Many people played individual sports, and even some people didn't participate in a sport before Ultimate. I would love to talk to some of the individual sports and athletes from sports other than my background (basketball and hockey). Basically, it would be nice to get differing opinions of what elements of those other sports they've brought over to Ultimate.

With worlds quickly approaching, it's time to make our picks for winners in various divisions. Will start off with the most anticipated divisions the Open and Womens division. The choices will include my picks for top contenders and the other category (poll right).



frizbrains said...

i'm surprised people are so confident the american women are going to pull this one out (given history - from past events and more recently)