Friday, July 18, 2008

Link Friday - The tournament heir, more drugs, Peloton theories, Idiots in Rome, and Live Ultimate?

The links this week as I head out to No Borders in Ottawa and I'm back in Canada for Worlds:

  • This appears to be the tournament of the year - Labour Day. The open division is stellar. I wonder if ECC let an opportunity disappear, as the teams going will experience some nice facilities. I'm guessing the beauty of Santa Cruz, CA and a well run tournament will make this the new prince and princess of the Ultimate calendar behind the the king and queen - Sarasota, FL.
  • Here's another article on the latest sports enhancing debacle here in the UK. With worlds coming, make sure that you're staying clean for the one random drug test that might happen at worlds (I'm not sure we can afford it). If you are taking steroids for Ultimate, then don't take an IQ test either because you'll fail that too.
  • This article on the biking Peloton was interesting an funny. I think it somehow relates to the recent arguments and rules about team sizes. I feel that a small team means that both teams don't go out full strength and try to save energy. The ethical rule breaks mentioned in the article are similar to when a team (maybe fitter) starts going full speed while the opponents try to maintain energy for the entire tournament. Also, this concept of enrgy saving might have some application in relation to when to put zones on (if you assume zones are energy saving defences). Maybe all of this is too big a stretch.
  • I couldn't pass up on not passing this article on. I've been following the credit crisis without any opinions other than a "what the hell is going on". This article (with a great title "Idiots Fiddle while Rome Burns") really captures the bizarre world of governments bailing out lenders...socialist capital idiots. I know we live in our own little worlds, but we should at least be aware why we won't be able to afford tournaments.
  • Google has created it's own browser based 3D world - Live. I wonder if teams could use this to practice plays, positioning, or even compete against opponents elsewhere in the world.