Friday, July 11, 2008

Link Friday - Alyson Walker, Left handed conspiracies, Advertising strategies, and Start saving

Link Friday is on Friday this week. I made a little error on the auto-publish last week. Also, many of these links, other than the first, aren't directly related to Ultimate. Anyway, the links this week are:

  • Global TV makes a nice vignette on Alyson Walker and her trip to Worlds. Is it really known as "Ultimate Frisbee". For f%ck sakes, we need to change the name.
  • In this article they take a statistical look the left handed advantage in Baseball. For all the lefties I've played in Ultimate, they also seem to have an advantage. On the other hand, they get called for travels more than right handed people, but that's just funny.
  • A look at the breakaway in cycling and how it favours advertisers. We just don't get the coverage to make Ultimate advertising sensible. In other words, we still only have participants and no real fans. If we did, then the stall down would be a great moment for advertisers; 10 seconds of advertising plus the contest down call.
  • If you didn't know, I'm big on personal finance. This article makes a good point (yet rarely known) on one of the most important concepts in saving and investing.


Brickers said...

Its really not funny!

The Pulse said...

I don't know - I throw with both hands now (and have for two months, since I got my right hand back) and haven't been called for a travel on the throw yet.

Mostly people just get really confused and it's really easy to break the mark.