Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coverage at Worlds, Worlds, Worlds

I've talked to many people speculating about what will happen at worlds. Well, the tournament is coming up in less than two weeks and I think it's exciting. Why?

I might be biased because I'm heading out for the action, but even for Worlds in Finland and club Worlds in Australia I got really excited. Now, however, the opportunity to be a part of the even means I can cover the event in some details.

I've asked one of the Team Canada Junior coaches and my girlfriend, Lexi Marsh, to give her perspective at worlds, and I'm open to including anyone else who would like to give their perspective of events at the tournament. In other words, we're trying to pass on what Worlds is all about.

I'll be flying out early to Vancouver to start our Junior training plan and to get some Sushi, but I won't be commenting on many of our team plans, results, and strategies until the conclusion of the tournament. Instead, I hope to capture a variety of aspects at the tournament.

This is your opportunity to comment on what you would like to hear about Worlds, and I'll take all suggestions into account. I'll be posting regularly if not more than my 4 per week posting rate for the next little while, but I think an event like this is worth it.



JdR said...

I'm keen to read about everyone but the Canadians and Americans. There's lots of coverage of those two teams, because they have lots of people involved and are expected to do well. But I would love to read about many other teams - Columbia, GB, Australia, NZ, Denmark, etc.