Friday, July 04, 2008

Poll Thursday - Where are our sporting roots

It's pretty clear that the Score Reporter (or RRI as I call it = note RRI is a rating system and score reporter is scoring tracker) is a tool favourite for many of us. It was good to see the score reporter updated for the Boston Invite. Your picks were also pretty close. It was clear that the votes thought both Goat and Boston would be in the finals, and Boston leads the season series 2-0.

This week the vote is on what was your major sport before coming to Ultimate. This was a question I've been wondering for a while, and with a conversation last week, it made sense to bring this up as a poll.

The problem with a poll like this is the number of sports, so I'll list some mainstream ones and some general categories. Also, you can only pick one sport (poll right).



allen said...
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Match said...

wow, Fighting? I was looking for Hockey.

Wow, Fighting...I just think thats funny. Someone please comment if you were a "fighter".

(watch Ryu and Blanca start posting back and forth)

Weston said...

I think wrestling might have been more appropriate; at least, I took fighting to mean wrestling.

H2AZ said...

Um, I had to pick baseball 'cause softball wasn't an option. And women don't generally play baseball (which is a whole other long discussion for elsewhere).

Jeters said...

I played softball as a kid, but called it baseball. Sorry about that one.

As for fighting it included all fighting sports like martial arts, wrestling, etc.