Monday, May 25, 2009

College Nationals - The final day

First off, thanks to all the twitterers (many amalgamated at BananaCut) and the people keeping score reporter up to date. I missed most of the action yesterday, but the highlight reels sponsored by VC and UltiVillage are a great perspective on the rounds. These little clips are top quality with great news reporting; although, they were choppy for me until I upgraded QuickTime.

There's no word on a live feed for the two finals today, but check RSD for info. If I find it out I'll post it here, but there might not be one. I'm picking Santa Barbara in the Women's and Colorado in the Open. Why? Good question.

In the fantasy bracket I've done horrible in the women's sitting in close to last, but in the men I'm middle of the pack, though everyone seems to have picked this bracket quite well. I'm enjoying the tournament even though I'm on the other side of the ocean.



McCabe said...

quick fyi - the 2009 National College Ultimate signing day list will be released at 5pm on Wednesday -

the list includes commitments from high school players to at least 7 national qualifying teams.

to check out the list or to look at the lists from the last 3 years -
http://playultimate.blogspot.commight be a good way to get an inside edge on the fantasy brackets of the future.