Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poll Thursday - Ultimate Media Maturity

Two weeks ago, I asked if we had any preconceived ideas in Ultimate that assumes certain things about how to play just based on historical ideas. It was a loaded question in many ways and the responses matched my thinking.

This week, on the eve of College Nationals, we've made an attempt to setup an information flow from the tournament to viewers (twitter based). I'm pretty excited about the coverage that potentially will be there, and I won't be constantly hitting refresh in score-reporter. Still, our information setup seems to be dwell in modern media where individuals, as opposed to mainstream media, provide the data we want. My poll question this week is, how long until we get mainstream media coverage (poll right)?

Note, that question has so many problems. For example, what's the definition of mainstream media? The point is more, when will the sport be covered for a revenue based media company.



Sport Management Steven said...

I discussed this with the President of TSN in 2007. When it comes to a sport like ours, it needs to have one/all of the following

-Acceptance in a multi sport games that already has extensive coverage (Olympics, commonwealth, canada games, x games, etc)
-A following to have a viewership above and beyond other substitutes for programming
-Sponsors willing and able to buy ad time

Essentially, it's going to take a lot of hard work and ultimate cash to bring the game to the mainstream. And, that is why each country needs a strong and supported central governing body.