Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gender Blender - One of Ultimate's Mardi Gras

If I were to rank party based tournaments that I've been to, Paganello would be ranked as the Las Vegas of Ultimate and Gender Blender would be the Mardi Gras. I'll be missing my second Gender Blender in a row, but should be back on the seen in 2010.

What's exciting this year is it appears BlockStack will be covering the tournament this year. This might give you all a feel for what it's all about. Here's a trailer, but the sound isn't working for me:



Blue said...

Thanks for the mention Peter! And yes, Stephen is making the trek over from the UK (along with some others) to this year's event and will doing some Blockstack coverage of the excitement. They have entered a team and we're thrilled to have them!

We also have guests this year from Mexico, Hawaii and close to a quarter of our teams come from the United States this year.

Speaking of teams, we've actually expanded the tourney this year, thanks to some new fields. We were hoping for 48, but did manage to get 45 teams. We're bigger and better than ever! (and now have a Cups tourney that is part of the fun too!)

In 2010, we're hoping to bring it up to 50 teams total. Glad to hear you'll be back then too, to take part in our 'Mardi Gras'! I look forward to seeing you.

'lil brother said...

You need Colorado Cup on that list....