Friday, May 29, 2009

Link Friday - Siginings, Ultimate Fighter, Summer Meals and Solar financing

My links this week:

  • Where some of the best high schoolers are signed up for College next season. I really like this idea, but nobody (on the list) is heading to Miami Ohio.
  • The Ultimates finally mixed! In this episode of The Ultimate Fighter they played Ultimate. The called it, "ultimate frisbee", but there was some nice layouts among wobbly catches. My two worlds collided briefly.
  • If you're looking for more cheap, fast recipes for your long summer hours spent practicing instead of cooking, here are a few good ones.
  • Today in the Times, one of the Nobel Laureates was ob board with the paint the world white solution. Number one, I hate wearing white shirts. Am I bad for the environment? More interestingly, here's a way you can solar fit your house without paying the up-front cost. It reduces your monthly electricity bill at little risk to yourself. Do I have to wear white if I do this?


Gambler said...

So what he's saying is, all turf fields should be painted white... Would people start playing with a colored disc to see it against a white background then?

Jeters said...

Nice ;)