Friday, August 25, 2006

Belated Happy Blogday

Hey Folks,

I thought since I've been writing this blog for more than a month that I should give and get some feedback from any readers (if there are any). Actually, I know quiet a bit about who reads my blog, so I thought I'd share the demographics with you and give you my insights.

The main viewers are from Canada (75%) with the rest coming from the U.S. (24%). The remainder have been from the U.K., Sweden, Russia, and India. Within Canada, the majority of readers are from Ontario (59%), B.C. (12%), Nova Scotia (9% - probably because of people in Toronto at Nationals), and Quebec (9%). In Ontario the top viewers are: Toronto (57%) and Ottawa (9%). In each of the other top regions the top city for viewers are: Vancouver, B.C (67%), Halifax, Nova Scotia (80%), Montreal, Quebec (53%), and Calgary, Alberta (66%). In the U.S. the top three states are: Illinois (15%), Georgia (12%), and Massachusetts (11%).

Every day about 1/2 to 2/3 of you are returning visitors. 39 of you have visited the blog 9-14 times, 26 of you 15-25, and 4 of you 26-50. These are the people that keep me posting.

Finally, the majority of my referrals are from (35%) and the second biggest referrals come from (25%). I've really only advertised on TUC with a BBS post, and a quick e-mail out to many of my Ultimate friends.

All this information is gathered from Google Analytics. I'm not marketing to you guys, and instead learning about blogging and web tracking. It is half the fun.

You may have noticed I have Ads on my webpage. These are there to see how well they track my content. If you've watched them like I have, they started out advertising mainly for Blogs. Recently, they've switched to all having the words "Disc" in them and "Ultimate". This is pretty good. Over 1561 page impressions, 5 people have clicked the ads for a total income of 0.97. I guess I'll have to keep my day job. Also, I've added referrals to Firefox and Picasa (I guess I support them).

Now that you know some of the statistics of my blog, let me tell you what I have plans for. I really like adding the photo to the blog. I'm considering getting a digital camera and going out to get some more photos. If you have any photos (ultimate related), then it would be nice for you to send them to me. I can't guarantee I'll post them, but if they're good, I can't see why not.

I have 12 articles already written covering a variety of topics, and I have about 8 ideas lined up to be written. At a release rate of 5 blogs a week that works out to a month of content. At a release rate of 3 that works out to about 2 months. Plus, during this time I'll be playing with Torontula, which will give me some more ideas. I've seen many Ultimate bloggers dry-up over the winter and start discussing there personal lives or just nothing. My plans are to switch over to workout and training thoughts.

Lastly, I've started to consider adding some other authors to the blog - a collective if you will.

Well, there's a quick review of "The Cultimate Opinion". I've read all the comments that come in, and I should probably reply to more of them. Feedback on what you think is interesting is always helpful, and feel free to e-mail me directly.

Pictured Above: A Stella lady in a game against Flo. I love the stance. This was taken at Canadian Nationals 2006 (from Corry Berghout).



taylor said...

First off, here are some of Brad Amson's pictures from Nats.

Second, it's good to know that I'm not the only one in the 26-50 views range. It's a result of several factors: my healthy interest in the sport being a contributing factor, but primarily it's because I have way too much time on my hands. Oh, and I like to count your typos.

Honeyhands said...

Nice to have your blog Peter, it's grrrreat.

I think an article about optimal playing time would be good; playing savage is probably not good for your ability to bust out late in a game, but sitting extended periods or time, especially at a tournmanet can lead to rust and joing pain when you actually step back onto the field.

Roy ended up playing with 9 guys on the Saturday of nationals, and I believe it may have cost us a game.

Other issues include what factors affect the optimal playing times for players- there are probably personality and fitness factors, and also positional constraints- does your team have enough handlers to rotate them off? Who needs more touches (and therefore needs more PT) to be effective?


Sticks said...

I think I just earned you another 20 cents! Use it well!

Dave said...


You're welcome to use any of my photos if you like.