Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Review You Should Read

One of the team concepts Torontula added last year was the practice review, and I think there was a lot of good things came out of a little bit of work after practices.

What is the premise? Basically, the practice review captures what happened in the past practice. This means each drill is reviewed including both major points which were emphasized and motivation for the drill. Any other team communications are also placed in the practice review, and finally, I like to add some sort of philosophical question that gets players thinking about game details.Pictured Above: What appears to be Graham Withers of Goat (but is not), laying out for a disc at Canadian Nationals 2006 (from brianlovesultimate).

The beauty of the practice review is that it benefits both team members who missed practice and those who attended. For those who missed practice, the review has obvious benefits to keeping everyone up-to-date with what happened. For those who attended, the review provides information that might not have sunk in during practice. The reality is there exists a lot of information that is transmitted during practice. The review provides a medium for a higher retention.

Practice reviews are simple, and provide great benefit to a team. From the coaches perspective, the review is a great opportunity to look back at how practice went. Plus, a coach now has documents detailing practices, and has a record of what they were trying to convey in each drill. This can make the next season a little easier since a plane has been created.