Friday, August 18, 2006

Day 1 Nationals - No Major Upsets ... Yet

Big kudos to the Halifax Organizers at Canadian Nationals for posting scores so quickly. It's great for those of us who were left behind. I'll look at the divisions and see how my predictions are going.

It looks like Pyro and Dirt had a great first day. I might not have given Toronto's junior enough credit, but they won a tight one against Ottawa. We'll have to wait until we see the big match ups.

Go Relic. It looks like Scotch is a pretty good team with a win over Mule, but that lasted a short while. Relic and BDU are the strong teams in the category.

The situation is a little shaken up. Chaos lost at Universe point to MHUC in their first game, and scored only 10 points in a win over Les Polatouches. I'm guessing this squad is either suffering from Jetlag, over partying, or is set for a rough tournament. It looks like Chaos, however, had a good run against Hammerheads. Other than that, Camelot, BMF, and Gheko all look to be in good form after day one.

On the lower end, Here to Pickup looks to be foiling my lower half picks. Also, MHUC seems to have had a great day one.

I can't say there are any surprises in the Open division. Goat and Mephisto rolled most of the teams. Mephisto thrashed GT winning 15-5. Goat smoked Phoenix. Blackfish appears to be in a tier 3 position just barely beating Magma. I feel my picks are good in this category, but Phoenix might push to be a little higher then what I rated them. I'll wait until all the pool play is completed tomorrow to get a better feel.

Lotus and Stella had a strong day, showing that they most likely will meet in the semis. Flo showed some strong play by only losing to Stella 11-7. Eve and Lilly showed some good results, and I think Snatch is hoping to hold a quarters birth. Know real surprises here.

Overall, it looks like things are shaping up as planned. I would say there was only one upset for the day, and the majority of excitement came from the biggest division, Mixed. Hopefully, some of you Nationallers are reading the blog and can give us some inside comments.