Monday, August 21, 2006

Nationals - The Scoop on My Picks

Well, now that the results are all up, (Another big thanks to the organizers for being so fast on posting details) I'll take a look at how I did over all.

For the Juniors, I'll give my self a +5 for accuracy in calling the champ and runner up (+3, +2). In the Masters I get a -2 for incorrectly predicting Relic to win it all.

In the Women's division I got the top 2 correct, but it was all hell after that. Snatch made there big jump up the standings, and Flo, despite all my reasoning had a great tournament to finish in third. Also, Salty had a great tournament to push lots of my favourites out of the top 6. Good job ladies on making it a challenge. (+1)

In the Mixed division I got the winner, and if you look at my picks versus the final standings there weren't too many surprises just slight perturbations. Zen made the big jump into the top 8; Rip had a great tournament too. (+2)

In the Open division I got the top 4 bang on. After that, I was pretty accurate with Blackfish doing better than I thought, Red Circus doing worse, and Q not finishing as high as I thought they should. Of course, Open and Mixed should be my best categories, having played against many of these teams. (+7)

Pictured Above: Open Division 2006 Canadian National Champions - Goat. (From Steve's Pictures)

So, in my made up, non-logical scoring system I got +13. Can't complain about that. Let's hope all the teams had as much fun as we had analyzing the results.



Sheff said...

Hey PJ,

Here's a couple more to add:

Crashing the cup: An offensive player entering the space inside the cup, usually from downfield, in order to give the thrower an option

Switch/Switching: Two defenders "swap" the offensive players they are defending. Used to unexpectedly shut down cuts and/or reduce the amount of running required by the defense.

"Up!": An onfield call to indicate to the defenders that the disc has been thrown.

Cut/Cutting: A series of moves executed by an offensive player to get open for a pass.

Sheff said...

D'0h - that was intended to be a comment on the terminology post.