Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nationals - The Ladies of Ontario and their 3 in 5 chance for Gold

Finally, I'm going to take a guess at how the Women's category is going to line up this year at Canadian Nationals. I've got nothing to say about the Master's and Juniors division other than I always like to watch the Master's final. I find the Juniors too cocky for being so weak.

Back to the important stuff. It's hard to argue that Stella isn't heavily favoured. Other than comments on their uniforms (green and yellow colours - fond memories of my elementary school days and Pong), I've only heard good things about Stella. Apparently, Ottawa's water has given them an athletic and size advantage. As of this season they've had Lotus' number, but an interesting final at Detroit was missed due to scary weather.

I'm still going to argue that Lotus and Storm can fight for the gold. Flo, on the other hand, looks to have played very few tournaments this year with little success. I think their 4th seed might be a gift to the west. In the top stick I'll stick with:

1. Lotus
2. Stella
3. Storm

Next, I'll pick who I think is going to make the quarters. Lilly, definitely will be in the top eight, and even though they have a small roster, they can potentially surprise a few. Eve, Snatch, and Salty are all likely to be in the quarters. Actually, I have nothing on Salty so I'm going to let them in due to their seeding. Of these three teams I think Eve is set to jump some seeds. Snatch, TO vets, could also surprise, but I thought they would have made their first jump at Ontario regionals, and that just didn't happen.

4. Lilly
5. Eve
6. Flo
7. Snatch
8. Salty

Finally, in the fight for 9 and 10, I'm going to give Qub the upper hand. Sure, people will claim it's a cute thing, but it's actually based on some of their results this year (mainly a 12-13 loss to Strut).

9. Qub
10. Scarlett

Interesting call with 3 out of 4 Ontario teams in the semis.

Just to continue on the prediction train, I'll pick Relic to win Master's division and Pyro to win the Junior's (MOFO will be in the finals).

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