Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nationals - Come To Camelot for 2 Rips and some Chaos

Everyone from TO is either on a plane, in Halifax, or at the airport. What better time to look into another division I have some familiarity with: Co-ed.

Pictured Above: Dion Lew (left), myself (center), Daniella (I think), and Shawn Chua (right) watching National finals in Vancouver 2004.

Who's going to take home the gold? Contenders = SPAWN, Chaos, Gecko, BMF, and the seeded favourites, Camelot. You can't argue with Camelot's record; only 3 losses amidst some good competition. Chaos looks to have played only a few tournaments against reasonable talent. Gecko has also been to the states and has some big wins against the likes of Puppet Regime and BMF. BMF has a great record winning 3 tournaments, but hasn't shown much success against tougher competition. Finally, the home coast favourites SPAWN had an up and down season with some reasonable wins and bad losses, but expect them to benefit from the financial savings and the familiarity with the conditions.

I'll argue that any of these teams could get into the finals, but here's my current guess:
1. Camelot
2. BMF
3. Chaos
5. Gecko

Now to the rest of the teams fighting to get into the quarters and maybe the semis. With an unkown BC team, Natural, I'm going to give the province the benefit of the doubt, and put them in the quarters. Then I think RIP, Zen, Hammerhead, and Liquid all have a chance to grab the remaining two. Based on season competition, it's pretty hard to order these guys.

6. Natural
7. Rip
8. Hammerhead
9. Zen
10. Liquid

I'm sure there will be more of a mixup then my predicted. Now for the last 6 spots, I can barely make any educated guesses. Based on records and names I'll go with:
11. Riptide
12. MHUC
13. Les Polatouches
14. Big Fish
15. MUTT
16. Here to Pickup

Can't say I'm overly confident in my picks. BMF better prove me wrong, and I'd love to see Zen crack the quarters. It's going to be a wild ride.

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