Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nationals - The Last Day ... The Three new Champions

Well, I'll be honest that making picks makes the tournament a lot more exciting over the internet. So far, I've been pretty good with my pics.

In the Juniors it was Pyro over Mofo in the finals (2 for 2). In the Masters, BDU took the crown beating, my choice, Relic in the semis (2 for 3). In the Co-ed I had Camelot winning the whole thing. They did, but Chaos had a great Thursday and Friday to make it into the finals (3 for 5). In the Open division I had the top 4 pegged with Goat taking their second Nationals, and Mephisto, GT, and Phoenix following suit (7 for 9). Finally, in the women's division, I made some good picks with Lotus taking Stella for their number two championship (9 for 11).

I'll make a bigger analysis of my picks tomorrow, but I just wanted to congratulate all the teams (Toronto made a great showing for the West ;). I can't wait to hear the stories.