Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nats - Day 3

So it looks like the finals are going to showcase:

Womens: Lotus and Stella
Open: Goat and Mephisto
Mixed: Chaos and Camelot

My picks are:

I may have made a few errors here and there, but big congrats to GT on taking 3rd. Huge leap for that team, though semis was totally possible. I can't wait to here what happened.

Apparently, BMF got shutdown by Camelot. That's a tough matchup, and the Chaos loss probably led to that road. Let's hope they took a respectable third.

I'm going to guess BDU won the Master's division, but I have no verification there, and Pyro won the Juniors with their dominant play throughout. Well, it should be a good finals, and I'm sure everyone's still partying things up.



Anonymous said...

GT - undefeated against Phoenix in 2006! Which is - about right...

Loving Halifax, and the 200+ bars and microbreweries!

Jeters said...

I believe you lost a game at No Borders.