Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lesson from Worlds

I didn't even go, but thanks to a post by the Sub Zero guys, I think there's a nugget to be taken from Worlds. We'll have to wait until all our scouts get back, and maybe analyze the UVTV films.

Pictured Above: A big grab by Sasha Necakov in a round robin game between UofT and McGill at Uni Nats.

Sub Zero (one of my favourite ultimate logos and Mortal Kombat character) keeps an infrequent blog. The blog was pretty active over worlds.

Pictured Above: Sub Zero's logo. How do I get one of these Jerseys? I'd love to wear -12.

As I read their last post I came over these lines, "Buzz plays either very poachy man D (the quickly jump into cutting lnes and intercept under throws) or they play a zone that transitions to man late in stall counts. Both were very effective at stifling flow."

Wow, we get that for free, but I think it shows what potentially is the biggest benefit to coaches and strategy at Worlds. Worlds brings teams from all around, and each region is evolving the game of Ultimate differently since our global game infrequently crosses paths. Sure the North West thinks, and arguably, has the best Ultimate in the world. But like all dynasties, things will change over time.

My question is where will the next level of Ultimate emerge, and it doesn't have to be in North America. The strength of the U.S. college and high school system suggests that the Ultimate will remain strong for some time in North America. We, however, thought the same thing about basketball, and some of us delusional Canadians, seem to think we always won gold medals in hockey.

So, the big benefit to attending Worlds, other than meeting people from the world and celebrating a great sport, is that the next evolutions in strategy are happening right in front of your eyes.

High stall man to zone transition. I love it. Buzz Bullets are World Club Champions, and it sounds like they've got some fascinating ways of playing the game. How that plays against the Fish and Monkey giants, I don't know. We'll have to wait 2 years.



Anonymous said...

I think DoG used to run a zone that switched to man if the stall count got high. Mid 90s or thereabouts.