Monday, November 20, 2006

Worlds Part VI

This clubs goes to Japan. They swept the woman's medals and took the Gold in open. Canada's Fisher Price takes the Gold in Australia. That's a great finish in arguably the strongest division at the tournament.

Final standings are here. They made an up down arrows for a team beating or losing their seed. Kinda cool.

There were various successes from Canadian teams:

  • BMF finishes 8th.
  • Camelot takes 17th winning the lower division.
  • All mixed teams finish 17 or above out of 40 teams.
  • Mephisto 8th - Pretty good finish for the number 3 team from Canada.
  • Too Bad finishes 20th.
  • Rough Riders finish 5th, just outside the medals. They might have been able to pull it off if they had had a quarters in the division.
  • Edmonton scrapes out a 17th out of 18 teams.
  • In the masters Relic is 7th and Grind is 4th.
  • All the number one seeds were unseeded.
Well 2 years to National Worlds in Vancouver, and four years into the next World clubs. Where will we be by then?



wartank said...

pete - your posts inspired me to do some research. my research lead (very quickly) to this:

Taylor said...

Warren, that definitely did not need to be shared with the world.

Jeters said...

To Wartank. The Buzzbullets have been to lots of Worlds. It's cool to see these guys. They've been around for a long time.


wartank said...

with all the talk that's circulating on the net about them (and by that i mean the one post i read from the link you published), i'd love to see their game. i may splurge for the uvtv rights to check them out.

tyler - haven't seen you in a while. can't believe you missed snakes on a plane. you should be sad. sadder than an ESL guy accidentally finding videos of naked japanese ultimate players.

mastahmeth said...

to be fair, they may have been wearing pants.