Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Logo Battle - Round 2

Hey Folks,

In the first groupings, the current leaders are (two days left to vote for them):

  • Sub Zero
  • Big Ass Truck
  • Chad Larson Experience
Now to the next three groups. One week of voting. Vote only once, and abstain from categories that include a team you play with or have ties with.

Group 1

Chain Lightning - Atlanta, GA - Open

Clapham - London, England - Open

Colorado - College Open

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Group 2

Condors - Santa Barbara, Ca - Open

Deliverance - Knoxville, TN - Mixed

Dis'Chords - Quebec City, Quebec - Mixed

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Group 3

DoG - Boston, MA - Open

Doublewide - Austin, TX - Open

Emu - Edmonton, Alberta - Open

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joey said...

you should put up the new DoG logo, it's way cooler looking than the old one you've got posted.

Anonymous said...

Also the Chain logo on the actual jersey is much cooler than that one...

Jeters said...

Hey Guys,

If either of you have or know how to get these logos, I would be glad to add them to the mix.


Anonymous said...

There is no way that Ring doesn't have the best logo in ultimate. You people are crazy if you think anything else.


Anonymous said...

Judging on the first poll it looks like the midwest is good for something... and whats with this second round what did you do just grab them in alphabetical order?

Jeters said...

Roughly Alphabetical. I've had some submissions come in after the posts have gone up, but alphabetical is as arbitrary as anything.

Ring is coming up in the next few weeks. I'm sure it will win it's first round, but how ill it do when the winners meet?


marc said...

peter... you better be including the GT logo