Friday, November 17, 2006

Worlds - Part V + a slight rant on a rainy morning

So there's pretty well nothing to report. The only new information I have is that Roughriders are playing for 5th through 8th. Apparently, the schedule had no quarters and they had to finish top two in their pool to make the semis.

Once again, the sport of Ultimate had a tough time reaching out into the world. Maybe it's time for a revolution. As a grassroots sports, we don't suffer from the restrictions of large giant corporations that have policies to navigate. Recently, the NHL signed a contract to put their highlights on Youtube. It's time for Ultimate to one up them.

Basically, we should be uploading game footage (good or bad) to Youtube. You can upload unlimited 10min clips for free. Then with an external sight the ultimate community could rank videos so we can watch the exciting stuff.

Not to rain on UltiVillage's parade, and I think the packaged professionally done game is a great idea, but I need more information. I want to see all the games and all the highlights. I want game summaries like the sports networks do it. I want to know who the stars of the sport are other than a name that's thrown around in circles.

Unfortunately, this hope hinges around the need for money to get people to do things, and the advertising model doesn't currently work with Ultimate. Maybe there's another model out there. I don't know, but I'd like to see a little more from worlds, and the UPA championships from my computer.



higy said...

Although scores haven't been updated on ScoreOMatic, there's updated scores on the tourny homepage. (

TFP qualified for the finals against brass monkey in the mixed division.

Jeters said...

Thanks Higy...

I also saw that Grind (Canada) took the bronze in the Masters Division. Sub Zero lost the Bronze Medal game.