Thursday, November 16, 2006

Worlds - Part IV and a Controversial Poll Dancing

We’re more than half way through worlds. A look at the four divisions shows that the tournament seedings are starting to straighten out. Canadian and Tournament Highlights:

  • Relic wins their third game. This means they will play in the 7th vs. 8th game.
  • Fatties beat Mischief (California) in the round of 16 and lost out to Brass Monkey (California) in the next round. A top 8 finish is a big accomplishment.
  • Joyride and Dischords were eliminated in the round of 16.
  • Fisher Price has moved into the quarters. They’ll meet Slow white.
  • Camelot is into the semis for the 17-28 bracket. Hopefully, they’ll win their way our of the tournament.
  • Doublewide lost to the Buzz Bullets and then Thong in the Quarters. Mephisto Lost to Buzz Bullets in the quarters. The only North American team left in the Open division in Sub Zero.
  • Roughriders finish off in power pool play 2-2. Edmonton Ladies are having a rough run at things and are 0-4 in their pool.

Since it is poll Thursday, we need to review last weeks polls and look at a new, controversial poll this week.

Last week I asked about whether or not it is worth going to worlds, and how many chances you think you will have in your ultimate career.
  • Tied for first; 45% of you believe you have 2 or 3 to 5 more worlds.
  • 40% of you think it is worth going to worlds. 32% would go depending on where worlds is, and 24% of you care if it is club worlds or nation worlds (I assume nation worlds is the more prestigious).
As for the poll of the week, I was reading this blog, and I felt the topic was a good one for debate. I, myself, obviously am biased, and you can see my comments on the blog. However, I will keep my additional opinions to myself for another week, and open the floor to the people.

The poll question is: Should the World Clubs open division have an asterix beside it since the competition is watered down (general opinion).
  • Strong Yes
  • Yes
  • Don’t Care
  • No
  • Strong No
Feel free to add your views to either this blog or the original blog where the topic was brought up.

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