Thursday, November 02, 2006

Poll Thursday - Back in Action

Hey Folks,

So it looks like our predictions for the UPA results were off. The men from the Northwest showed why they're the current dominant force in the world of Ultimate, but Furious couldn't win in what I heard was an amazing finals (just don't make me watch it).

  • 0% of us picked Sockeye to win. Some of us (15%) thought DoG was going to pull it off.
  • Second place was a similar disaster.
  • For third the majority picked (55%) that a wild card would take the spot. Finally, we made a correct pick.
  • In the women's the majority was on Riot who fell to Fury in the finals.
In many ways, that's pretty well the end of the outdoor Ultimate season for us up in the North East. The daily forecast has chance for flurries today, the sun is gone around 7ish, and the lows are into the negatives (Celsius). I have one more outdoor tournament to go to this weekend (a for fun in the cold tournament), and then that's it for Ultimate for a while.

What does all this mean for poll Thursday. Well, were going to change gear a bit, and the question this week is about when should you be getting into shape for next season. The choices are:
  • No rest, time to go
  • 1 or 2 weeks off
  • Nothing until January 1
  • I don't train for Ultimate
  • I'm young and don't need to train

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