Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Logo Battle - Round 3

Hey Folks,

The start of the battle was exciting. Really, only one category was tight, but the Tuesday groupings have been more of a battle. I can't wait to see how these logos will play off against each other. So, the winners in the first round moving into the winners circle to the next level are:

  • Sub Zero with over 80%
  • Big Ass Truck with about 50%
  • Chad Larson Experience 46%. This was a tight race, and Brass was leading early on.
Vote once; Don't vote for teams you play with; 3 new Groupings in this post are:


Antique Throw Show - Artist: Brice Zimmerman - Open

Bowdoin Stoned Clowns - College

Bacon Eggs and Toast - Artist: Hilary Leung - Toronto, Ontario - Mixed

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Group 2

Florida - College - Women

Furious George - Vancouver, British Columbia - Open

Fakulti - Australia - Open

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Gendors - Santa Barbara, CA - Mixed

Georgia - College - Open

Fury - San Francisco, CA - Women

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Finally, you should note that my randomness is alphabetical + later additions. This is arbitrary, but I'll mix things up in the next round.



Monty said...

no way to vote for the first set, and the last voting poll is for the first set in the next post.

_dusty_ said...

That isn't the Jojah logo. This is

kirker said...

this is just like canadian politics. you can win with more than 50% of the voters disliking you!

Jeters said...

To monty ... maybe try a refresh. I know the polls work very poorly with Macs.

To dusty ... that's what I got off the score-o-matic. I'll add the new one into the mix.


Anonymous said...

are designers allowed to have more than one entry? hilary's done more than a couple of great logos like ninjastars (arguably most heavily merchandised ultimate team in toronto, if not the world!), ruby cruz (his original design just won a logo contest on logolounge), kaimana klassic 06 (brilliant reversable logo)...

Jeters said...

Hilary's other designs will be coming up over the next few weeks. There are lots of logos, so you'll have to wait.