Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Worlds - Part III

Hey Folks,

If you want some insider information from people at the tournament, Noah Goldstein, from BMF has a blog up. I also received an e-mail from another Fatty, Stephen Canning, and it sounds like BMF cracked the top 16 after beating a highly ranked Japan side. Height appeared to be a factor.

In other news:

  • In the coed it appears that Joyride and Camelot won't be moving to the top 16 with 0-4 powerpool records. Team Fisher Price is Canada's best chance of a medal. I expect they'll face the likes of Bad Larry and Slow White.
  • Mephisto went 1-3 in the power pool. I'm guessing they'll play a crossover game to try and get into the quarters.
  • Thong (Australia), Buzz Bullets (Japan), and Double Wide (Texas) are the only undefeated teams in the Open division. The later two playoff next.
  • Roughriders lost their first game to a team called Mud (Japan). They've been moved into a power pool of sorts (two pools of 6 from three pools of 6).
  • I've been ignoring, Relic (Calgary), in the Master's Division. They're currently 2-5 in one giant pool of 11. They'll need one or two more wins to crack into the top 8.
Canada still has teams playing for titles in all divisions.



Wartank said...

Buzz Bullets, while meaningless to me, is a pretty wicked name.

Seems like all the rage these days are puns and double entendres. All this multitude of meaning - what happened to good old gibbersh?

higy said...

link to noah's blog?s

Jeters said...

Sorry Higy,

Whoops, I fixed it on the blog...

To Wartank,

I think Buzz Bullets is related to a bunch of fast Japanese guys.